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After pumping out the fuel, a tank, due the presence of vapours in its interior, is a very explosive environment, and as such presents a major threat to the safety of the people working in the area.


To eliminate the explosion hazard, our second level research and measurement laboratory has developed a proprietary safe method for degassing and cleaning fuel tanks. This method allows to significantly reduce the presence of people in the hazardous area during the preparation of the fuel tank for further work, which greatly increases the safety of the works. This method has been approved by the OHS and fire safety experts, which confirms that we carry out work in compliance with the applicable occupational health and safety regulations and with fire and environmental protection laws for fuel stations and depots.


The innovation of our service has been additionally recognised and received the award of the Office of Technical Inspection and the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels at the 18th "Fuel Station" International Fair in 2011. The innovative method of cleaning and degassing tanks is unique in its kind on the Polish market and has been submitted for registration in the Patent Office under No. 391542.


During any operations we observe the rules that minimise the risk levels. These include, among others:


  • Protection of workers at each cleaning phase
  • Continuous measurement of vapour concentration using an explosion monitoring system
  • Use of intrinsically safe tools and equipment.

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